Grower Tastings

By Tim Ferguson

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We are very fortunate that many growers are willing to visit our shores to showcase their wines. As wine and food are the perfect partners to create an ambiance of fun and enjoyment, we regularly link up with our restaurant customers and ask them to join with us to host a dinner with the wines of the visiting winemaker. These are very informal affairs, and I can pretty well assure you that you will finish the event with a smile on your face, taking home with you a personal memory of the people behind the wines that you have experienced.

These events can comprise of a dinner of up to thirty guests with a grower, or up to one hundred guests when we have ten growers flying in to present their wines before an informal lunch. Either option is suitable for family and friends and also an ideal platform for ‘corporate’ entertaining.

Please view our video of one of our annual events held each summer………..