Our Gins and Spirits

Alongside our range of wines, we have a wonderful selection of spirits we believe will be a great addition to your drinks cabinet.

Our Gins

Discover our selection of Gins which are definitely worth a second look.

Heart of Suffolk Distillery

The Heart of Suffolk Distillery makes real gin for real people. Each batch of around 65 bottles is hand signed and numbered by master distiller Martyn who believes that when he signs each bottle he puts a piece of himself into each bottle.

Betty's Gin

42% Abv | 70cl

Styled on a London Dry Gin, Betty’s has a slight orange undertone and is best served with a slice of orange, a handful of ice and a premium tonic water. This complements the nine carefully chosen botanicals which are used to create the unique, modern and refreshing taste.

Ivy's Gin

42% Abv | 70cl

Styled on a classic London Dry Gin, Ivy’s Gin is distilled ready for those long winter nights. It has a warming taste with clove and cranberry undertones and is best served with cranberries and juniper berries, a handful of ice and a premium tonic water or cranberry juice. This complements the ten carefully chosen botanicals which are used to create the unique, modern and warming taste.

Rosie's Gin

42% Abv | 70cl

Styled on a London Dry Gin, Rosie’s is distilled ready for those long summer days, it has a fresh taste with floral undertones best served with freshly chopped strawberries, a handful of ice and a premium tonic water. This complements the seven carefully chosen botanicals which are used to create the unique, modern and refreshing taste.

Da Mhile

42% Abv | 70cl Bottle

Fresh from the Celtic Coast, this unique recipe has been making waves.

Launched on the 1st of March 2014 (St David’s Day) the Seaweed Gin is made with a hand selected variant of botanicals added to a small batch gin. Designed to complement seafood it is infused with handpicked seaweed from the Celtic coast for three weeks, giving it a lovely light green hue before being triple filtered and bottled. Try as a G&T with Elderflower tonic and a slice of lemon.

Mc Queen

42% Abv | 50cl Bottle

True hand crafted spirit born from passion made honestly and with integrity. Personally hand Crafted by Dale Mcqueen.

The result of over 100 trial recipes and feedback from over 3000 tasters, provided by Heriot-Watt University and Gin Club Scotland. With all the results collated on a spreadsheet to help them pick and choose the best taste for their Gin. The nose is juniper led with a clean distinct forestry aroma. A burst of juniper gives way to a creamy rich vanilla sweetness with a light spice, ending with a crisp lime finish.



40% Abv | 50cl Bottle

Truly an experiance not to be ignored for any real Ginatic out there! The taste is very similar to sherbet sweets!

Manchester Vodka is used as the base spirit for the gin which is made using honey, a nod to the mead background and the symbol that represents the Manchester Motif. Sumptuous & ultra complex gin based off manchester’s diversity of culture, spirit & undying passion for the new!

Sharish Blue Magic

40% Abv | 50cl Bottle

An exciting style of gin from Portugal that offers something refreshing and distant from the regular Gins on offer. The Sharish has a “magic touch” that when added to tonic water the mixture reacts with the PH level of the tonic and the liquid passes from blue to a light pink. The colour comes from a natural botanical known as the blue pea flower. Fresh berry fruits on the nose with citrus and spice on the palate. A favourite in the office here at Promotion Wine.

Sharish Gin


45% Abv | 50cl Bottle

Can a drink change the world? Probably not, but it can do its bit to help.

The perfect drink for gin and Elephant lovers alike. Each batch is named after a past great tusker. With 15% of all proceeds going to foundations fighting the illegal ivory trade. They searched the Africa continent for botanicals that haven’t been used before; Devil’s claw, Lions Tale and Buchu are just part of the rare mix. The result? An award winning London Dry gin with a distinct nose and strikingly smooth taste.


42% Abv | 70cl Bottle

“I’ve tried every gin on the planet and Aviation is, hands down, the best. Also, I don’t recommend trying every gin on the planet. Stick with this one.”

– Ryan Reynolds, Owner, Aviation American Gin

Aviation belongs to an entirely new category of dry gins. These gins embody a shift away from the usual overabundance of juniper toward a more forward balance of botanicals. Aviation explores the rich, floral and savoury notes of lavender, cardamom, and sarsaparilla to capture the lushness, spice, creativity, and freshness of the Pacific Northwest.

Fifty Pound Gin

43.5% Abv | 70cl Bottle

Distilled in single batches, produced in small quantities in order to preserve quality. Made from a secret family recipe during the great depression and named ironically after the Fifty Pound distillery Tax known as the 1736 Gin Act.


G Vine

Treat your guests with the avant-garde of Paris, the perfect partner to tonic and the party starter. Made with a grape spirit base and 10 botanicals.


40% Abv | 70cl Bottle
Smooth, vibrantly floral, round and smooth evoking the essence of springtime in the vineyard.


43.9% Abv | 70cl Bottle
Complex, intense & spicy. Perfect G&T as a base for cocktails.


London Dry Gin

Bullards Gin

London Dry Gin

42.5% Abv | 70cl

This award-winning, handcrafted gin is made in small batches using Bullard’s unique copper still. They infuse the purest grain spirit with the subtle aromatic influence of Tonka beans and nine secret botanicals to produce a clean, crisp, balanced premium gin. Smooth enough to drink straight and flavourful enough to drink with your favourite mixer; Bullards dry gin is perfect however you drink it.

Strawberry & Black Pepper Norwich Gin

40.0% Abv | 70cl

With the aim to distil and bottle the pure essence of summer so it could be enjoyed all year round. Bullard’s Strawberry & Black Pepper gin is Initially sweet to the taste thanks to the infusion of strawberries, the addition of black pepper adds a slight kick, rounding off each sip with a pleasantly dry finish. Summer in a bottle.


Churchill's Port

Strawberry & Black Pepper Norwich Gin

Fonseca Guimaraens 75cl

Churchill’s Reserve Port 75cl

Churchill’s Dry White Port 50cl

Churchill’s 2016 Late Bottled Vintage 75cl

Churchill’s 10-Year Tawny Port 50cl

Churchill’s 1997 Vintage Port 75cl

In certain years when there is no classic Fonseca Vintage Port, a Guimaraens Vintage Port may be made instead.When Guimaraens Vintage Ports were first released in the 1930’s they were made in the same years as the classic Fonseca Vintage Ports but blended from slightly less powerful components, much like the second wines of the Bordeaux châteaux.Today Guimaraens Vintage Ports are made in years when the wines are more supple and early maturing and Fonseca in vintages producing bigger, more long lasting Ports.Guimaraens Vintage Ports nevertheless share the origins, heritage and complex fruity style of the classic Fonseca vintages and are drawn from the produce of the same three estates. They differ only in that they are more approachable, ready to drink earlier and more accessibly priced.

Reserve Port is a house blend of premium wines produced from the same top grade “A” vineyards from which Churchill’s Vintage Ports are sourced. Reserve Port retains the structure and fresh fruit of a young vintage but has been softened by its age in wood and filtration prior to bottling.

This wine has a bright, full ruby colour with violet tones. On the nose, very distinctive with fresh blueberries and hints of eucalyptus and gum cistus; a very vibrant young Port with plenty of natural acidity but also balance and pedigree denoting its grade “A” vineyard origins.

Churchill’s 10 Year Old Dry White Port is an emblematic product for Churchill’s and unique in its style. This long ageing period gives it a balance and smoothness that is in a class of its own.

This white Port has a vibrant golden colour with grated nutmeg and eucalyptus on the nose. On the palate this wine is fresh and complex with a long peppery finish.

Churchill’s Late Bottled Vintage Port (LBV) is produced from the same Quintas that make Churchill’s declared Vintage Ports, so the result is an LBV with a real vintage pedigree: the excellent intensity of fruit and finesse.

Black Cherry colour. On the nose, rich blackberry aromas with resinous undertones. On the palate, smooth and complex, with juicy flavours of wild berries and black chocolate.

Churchill’s 10 Year Old Tawny starts its life as a young Vintage Port. It is partly aged in large oak vats before finishing its maturation in traditional port pipes. Although fully aged in wood, it retains the freshness of youth, which is reflected in its darker brick red colour and lively finish.

A rich brick red colour with flashes of amber, elegant and subtle, complex on the nose, with expressive notes of dry fruits combined with hints of orange peel, full on the mouth, this wine shows an excellent vinosity and freshness, allowing it to finish long and persistent.

All Churchill’s ports are made from Grade-A grapes that are hand-picked, hand-sorted, and foot trod in the ancient granite lagares (treading tanks). We allow an extended period of fermentation in lagares to limit the amount of brandy required in fortification and leading to a drier style of port.

Churchill’s 1997 is a Vintage Port wine in the classic style; not as ripe as the 1994 but with a concentration of fresher “greener” fruit. It has what we call in the trade a “steel girder”; i.e. a good tannin structure which binds and balances the fruit and ensures good ageing potential.


Maxime Trijol XO
Maxime Trijol Grand Champagne VSOP

Maxime Trijol XO 70cl|40% abv.

Maxime Trijol VS 70cl|40% abv.

Maxime Trijol Grande Champagne VSOP 70cl|40% abv.

Maxime Trijol VSOP 70cl|40% abv.

Amber with flashes of mahogany. The floral bouquet develops into spicy aromas on the palate producing a very rich feel. Its aromatic harmony is the sign of a fully-fledged cognac. To be enjoyed neat at 20 to 25°C (70° to 80°F)

Produced from young cognacs, this is rich in intense, fruity, floral aromas, reminiscent of the flowering vines in June. Its pale straw yellow colour is the image of summer. Its careful balance and lightness make it the ideal companion for cocktails and long drinks. To be enjoyed neat at 20 to 25°C (70° to 80°F)

A splendid cognac from top producer Maxime Trijol. This elegant VSOP is a must-try. The family began distilling in 1859 and Maxime set up his own distillery in 1962. Golden yellow. Vanilla, spice and some dried fruit on the initial aromas. Well-structured body with a light and elegant touch. Finishes well with a little tickle of fire from the spirit. To be enjoyed neat at 20°C to 25°C (70° to 80°F).

A quality VSOP from the Maxime Trijol house, one of the few independents still controlling and performing all aspects of production in-house. Golden yellow. Fruity and floral on the nose and palate, with a long-lasting gaiety. The tannins from the oak have helped it to develop to the beginnings of maturity. A harmonious cognac. To be enjoyed neat at 20 to 25°C (70° to 80°F).


Romate Fino
Romate Cream
Romate Amontillado
Romate Olorosso
PX Cisneros

S Romate Fino 75cl|15% abv.

S Romate Cream 75cl|17% abv.

S Romate Amontillado 75cl|17% abv.

S Romate Olorosso 75cl|18% abv.

PX Cisneros 75cl|18% abv.

If this Fino’s pale straw colour is an anticipation of its delicate fragrance, its brightness is a prelude to the wine’s intensity. Fino Romate is a classic with a dry palate and pleasant acidity – the perfect aperitif. Yellow-straw, bright and transparent. Pungent and delicate. Light and dry on the palate. Aperitif, appetizers, cheese, Iberian ham, shellfish, nuts. Use an ice bucket with both ice and water to serve chilled between 6º & 8º C and serve in traditional wide-rimmed catavinos, or in white wine glasses.

Dark mahogany, the colour of seduction. Fruit aromas with hints of oak. On the palate, it is smooth, sweet and velvety. A perfect example of harmonious balance. To be enjoyed as a Dessert wine, with pastries. Serve chilled, between 10 & 12º C and in a white wine glass, or wide rimmed glass with ice.

Luminous amber colours. The aromas are pungent, almondy and persistent. On the palate it is slightly sweet, refined and with hints of dry flavours from the ageing. In short, the characteristics of an exceptional amontillado. Enjoy as an aperitif, with cheese, Iberian ham, shellfish, and nuts.

Within its hues of shiny old gold, this Oloroso has a deep, evocative fragrance. Its old solera gives it a full body and a dry palate with oak and nut flavours. Mahogany, bright and transparent. Very aromatic, fragrant and esterified. Enjoy with aged cheese, nuts, cured meats, and consommé. To be served between 12° and 14° C in a white wine glass.

A well aged Pedro Ximénez from Romate, matured in oak for over 20 years to produce a wonderfully rich and raisin heavy PX. It’s named after Francisco Jiménez de Cisneros, a Spanish cardinal and powerful politician who founded the institution that would become the Complutense University of Madrid, one of the world’s oldest seats of learning.

The grapes for this PX are harvested when very ripe and left out in the sun to attain a higher concentration of sugar. The result is a delicately exquisite, dark-coloured wine with a sweet flavour and a velvety texture. The average age of the wine in this solera is 15 years old.

Calvados & Armagnac

Berneroy logo
Sigognac logo
Berneroy Fine

Berneroy Fine 70cl|40% abv.

Berneroy VSOP

Berneroy VSOP 70cl|40% abv.


Sigognac 10yo Reserve Armagnac 70cl|40% abv.

Berneroy Fine is a Calvados bursting with fresh apple flavors and aromas. It is a blend of two to three years old Calvados, distilled in traditional Calvados copper stills and then aged in 300L to 400L French oak barrels. The apple remained raw for a subtle and airy calvados with beautiful acidity. Serve straight up, on the rocks, or in a variety of cocktails.

Berneroy VSOP is a rich and full-bodied calvados. Like all the Berneroy range it is a blend of several Calvados chosen by our Cellar Master. The VSOP is aged for a minimum of 4 years in fine French oak barrels in order to offer a fruity and floral eau-de-vie with ripe apple flavors and elegant notes of vanilla. Enjoy as an after-dinner drink, over ice or in a variety of cocktails.

A quality aged Bas Armagnac from a famous house. Made by the Guasch family, who grow both Baco and Ugni Blanc grapes. Amber colour with mahogany highlights. Notes of vanilla, cinnamon and candied orange, with flavours of roundness in the mouth with floral, woody and spicy notes leading to a long and pleasing finish of grilled almonds and vanilla.

Other Spirits

La Gitana Hidalgo NV Manzanilla
75cl|15% abv.

Creme de Cassis Briottet
70cl|15% abv.

La Gitana is an exceptional example of manzanilla. A fresh and elegant sherry with a classic salty tang, this is delicious chilled on its own or with tapas.

The company was founded by James Demontry in 1836 and taken over by Edmond Briottet in the 20th century, whose family ownership it remains in today after almost six generations.

As is the case as regards all of the crèmes de cassis (blackcurrant liqueur), for the Dijon Crème de Cassis 15%, the most prestigious blackcurrant variety – the Noir de Bourgogne variety – the berries used are harvested exclusively in Burgundy, France. The berries are macerated in a water and alcohol solution for about 10 weeks; maceration is the best way to extract all flavours from these berries. Consequently, the alcohol-containing juice thus obtained is called infusion. After that, French white sugar is added to obtain this crème de cassis.

The ancestral know-how means premium-quality cassis is produced and this cassis can be recommended to be used in cooking, for desserts, cocktails and, of course, the ever-popular white wine-blackcurrant liqueur drink.