Restaurant and Hotels

We do not elude to compete with the big discount wine merchants who are driving down price. If you wish to simply ring up a merchant, tell them how many wines you want, your price point and the type of food you serve and in return receive a formulaic wine list selection please do, but this is not us.

We work closely with many restaurants and hotels throughout East Anglia. In a competitive and price driven market, we look to forge strong relationships with our clients based on an appreciation their businesses, our knowledge and understanding of the wines that bring something special to the table.

We work with our restaurateur and hoteliers to find unique wines that are intriguing, priced sensibly and wherever possible produced by independent growers.

Our market is becoming ever encroached by large merchants and supermarkets, but that is why we hold true to our pallet choices and pairings. In a choice filled world, there can be too much choice. For our clients we act as an experienced filter, curating paired selections to create balanced and distinctive lists suited to a businesses ambience and offering.



We have created a flexible and distinctive wine list by forging strong friendships with many independent growers around the world. If you are interested in viewing our full range, we will email you the latest copy of our list.

Contact us to request a copy.