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Low Alcohol wine?

The recent flux of articles discussing Low Alcohol wine has got our heads spinning and that’s before we’ve had a glass or two. Below is a passage of text explaining how our very own John Forrest does it with his Doctors Sauvignon Blanc.

‘The Doctor’ John Forrest has discovered a way of slowing the vines’ ability to make sugar, thereby limiting the alcohol produced by yeast feeding on sugar, without compromising the vines’ ability to make all the delicious characteristics that are so desirable. The secret: it’s the grape leaf, working as it does with the sun, that makes the sugar; but not all leaves make sugar at the same rate. So Forrest Wines have discovered which leaves make the most sugar and removed them before the grape starts to ripen. In doing this, the grape berry only contains around 60% of its normal amount of sugar. Hence you can enjoy a wine, not with the normal 13-14% alcohol, but with only 9%. Now there’s a cunning bit of science from ‘The Dr’ that we can really drink a toast too!

English Or British Wine?

English and British wine – one and the same thing or what is the difference? To be classed as an English wine, the grapes must be grown in the country, the wine to be produced and bottled in England, meaning we can appreciate our local wine.

Where by a British wine, although it is still produced in England, the grapes are grown and sourced from different parts of the world.