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Thorington Street, Stoke by Nayland, Suffolk
We have been working hard renovating The Oak Barn to create a new office and cellar along with a tasting room, we are happy to announce that we have now completed the renovation and are open to customers Monday to Friday to showcase some of our Cellar Classics.

To find out more details of what we have planned in 2016, please ‘View The Oak Barn’.

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Our wines are about enjoyment. To us stand out wines make a moment into an occasion. These are the wines that come with a story to tell you in every glass. Our latest news will keep you up to date with our thoughts, opinions, travels, events, offers and what’s coming soon. Here we will tell the stories behind our wines and those we work with.

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This is our brand badge of honour, marking those wines we believe stand out due to their distinctive taste or interesting stories. If you want to learn, invest or find something unique for your cellar, this is where you will find what you need.

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We have created a flexible and distinctive wine list for the needs and demands of our customers – restaurateurs, hoteliers, corporate and private clients.

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We are delighted to introduce the NEW online edition of our Cellar Classics magazine. We hope that through our publications you will get to know our wines and us a little better. Each issue will have a specific theme to ignite your passion for wine and stretch your knowledge a little further.

Cellar Classics is our brand badge of honor. We curate wines from independent growers from around the world, but the mark of a Cellar Classic is attributed to those wines we feel are noteworthy, special or an enjoyment investment. It is not just about fine wines or expensive labels; it’s a mark of a wine that we have chosen because to us it stands out from the crowd in someway.

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